5F1 Champ Chassis Kit 

Build this Classis Recording Studio Amp.

5F1 Champ Chassis Kit                $149                                       

Build The Classic 5F1 Tweed Amp with this excellent Chassis Kit! Just $149.00 Features Quality heavy-gauge chrome-plated steel, white silk-screen lettered chassis; rigid epoxy resin turret board.

Chassis Dimensions are 8-¾" x 4-⅛" x 2 ⅝" same as originals. 
Boutique Builders' choice, low-ESR, SAMWHA Filter Capacitors; Mallory Coupling Capacitors, Metal Film Resistors, 25uF 50volt Cathode Bypass Caps,

Mil Spec. 600volt Insulated Wire, & Ground Bus. Includes 2 Octal Tube Sockets, One noval preamp socket & shield, Volume pot with on off switch, Black Chicken Head Knob, fastener kit with keps nuts,

rubber chassis grommets, Fuse Holder with fuse, Neutrik Jacks, male phone jack, Faston Speaker Terminal Connectors, Speaker wire,  Jewel Pilot Light,

AC Power Cord with Strain Relief. All the details are included. Detailed print shop Layout Sheet is INCLUDED WITH KIT.

Except for transformers, This is a complete chassis kit. Transformers, Tubes, Cabinet and Speaker are required to build a completed working amplifier - NOT INCLUDED.

Lethal Voltages are present in tube amplifiers.. $16 Priority Mail shipping in the US. Other areas pay actual shipping. 

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Original Style Classic Tone Output Transformer  for 5F1 or 5F2A                                                  


5 watt 4 ohm output transformer for 5F1 Champ or 5F2A Princeton. Get this one for traditional, early break up. (includes mounting hardware)

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