(5F6A kit pictured) Letters from customers: 

Hi Dave, I just want to thank you for putting together such a nice 5E3 kit. I couldn't be happier with the results. You also put together a set of vintage tubes for me, & I really think they made a tonal difference. The amp sounds amazing. I also appreciate your video on properly grounding the amp. I followed your advice and this amp is so quiet. Your attention to detail with the kit components is top notch. This is my fourth amp build and yours is my favorite build so far. Keep up the good work and thanks again for offering such a nice amp kit at an affordable price. I look forward the years of playing on this amp. I can already tell it's going to be my go-to amp. Sincerely, J. B.
I finally found my tone with you. that lil blue champ is unreal, even at big shows, I crank her up with a mic in front and use it for my vintage drive amp. along with the Harvard and Princeton set at different levels, my tone has never been so raw and delicious. sincerely, m v _____________________________________________ Hi Dave, I purchased a 5F1 kit from you back in June. I just want to say thank you for offering such a great value kit for the do-it-yourself folks. I had fun building it and it has become my favorite amp. It just seems to have a character and presence that defies it's small size. It's just been loads of fun. I'm already saving my pennies for a 5E3 kit! Thanks again, Jeff --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, I still can't get over how great this amp sounds regardless of the 8" speaker or through a cab, you are one talented amp builder. I am currently running it through an any switching system with my rivera venus and the tonal possibilities are just endless. Thank you so much Dave, it is truly a privilege to have you as a friend and equipment specialist. MV ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave, I bought a 5e3 from you a while back and am completely in love with it. I'm thinking about a 5f1 to go along with it. Do you still do complete amps? I don't have the patience to try and build one myself. If so, what do you charge for a 5f1 and what is the build time on one? Thanks John --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike from New England... HI Dave, If it wasn't so late, I would have called..I rec'd the amp a little while ago.-- I unpacked it, fitted the tubes in and hooked it up to the Fender 12" speaker Ive had set aside..Dave..You outdid yourself..This amp is incredible!!!!! Tone is rich as they come, loud enough on both channels and what a sound! Thanks again buddy..you came though for me! Mike ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scott From Massachusetts... David, Just wanted to thank you. That amp rocks!! Q? When I am plugged into the bright channel the normal channel volume decreases the gain as I turn it up. Normal? Is channel jumping recommended? Thanks, Scott Bradley Colonial Doorworks / BRADCO ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John from Houston, Texas... Hi Dave, I just wanted to give you a quick bit of feedback on my first performance tonight with my new Boot Hill 5E3. I am a pedal junkie. OD's, distortions, delays- can't perform without them. That is, until tonight. I ran my goldtop Gibson Les Paul (P90's) through my 2 favorite OD's and my Carbon Copy delay. I tried to turn them on during rehearsal, but just didn't want to leave them on. The amp sounded so darn good on its own, that I ended up just unplugging and running directly through the amp. A first for me. I have owned Fender, Peavey, Marshall, Line 6, Tech 21, and Alamo amps over the last 30 years of playing. Only the Fenders come close to your amp in my opinion, and I've always had to have my pedals- even with them. The tone was divine. Clean when I rolled back on Goldie's volume and lightened my attack, just the right dirt with a heavier hand and a small turn of the knob. I can't wait until she's broken in if she sounds this good brand new. I want to thank you for your impeccable service, communication, and of course- my new amp! Please feel free to use my testimony on your website. If you have any customers who want to talk to someone who has one, please send them my way. Take care, John ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steve from Minnesota... Hi Dave, The new 5e3 functioned flawlessly at last nite's 5 hour gig. I must add that the tone was FANTASTIC! This is not just an amp, but a living, breathing magical musical sidekick which inspires new life into worn out songs I've played a thousand times. The touch sensitivity and dynamics are great. Thanks again, and thanks for your over-the-phone tech support in helping me find and fix the minor issue. Here's the cover band I play in : www.rockinhollywoods.com I also have original music, available on CD baby and itunes : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/stevegordon Keep up the good work! SW a.k.a. Steve Gordon -----------------------------------------------

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